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Review Alcatraz season 1 (2012)

genre: drama, crime, science fiction, thriller

Another serialized show very similar to Lost. Which is no surprise since it is produced by J.J. Abrams. Soon after some episodes you will see some themes popping up that will make you remind of Lost. But Alcatraz is no Lost,not by a long shot.For one thing the main characters aren't as fleshed out. There is not much we know about them other then what is absolutely necessary.This is a little problematic since it makes it harder to care for them.Although Sarah Cox,Jorge Garcia and Sam Neil do what they can within the means they are given.It is to their credit that we do a little.Sam Neil has rarely disappointed me and it is a good thing he is in the show otherwise I would have stopped watching long ago. The focus of the show also seems to be more on the episodic adventures with characters you might or might not see return in later episodes.And that in itself is not a bad thing.However those stories aren't interesting at all apart from the ones that tie in to the bigger picture.Which brings me to the main plot/mysteries. From the look of things it seems that the writers counted on several seasons as they drag out the main plot as much as they can. The little reveals throughout the season and the finale are laughable at best.It comes down to that these little questions that are raised aren't as compelling as they could have been. Not once did I had a moment of "what the heck is going on here". Which in part has to do with the trauma I experienced with the ending of Lost. And the fact that they have recycled some themes from that show makes it feel too familiar. This also could mean that people who haven't seen Lost (Yes,those exist!). Probably find this show more enjoyable . But even they will have to endure the filler episodes.Filler in shows like this is completely pointless. Unless there are elements like humour,action or drama that make it worthwhile. And those elements are barely present. There might be a chance that Alcatraz does not get renewed. I personally would not mind as this is one of the few shows that has a lot to improve on which I don't see happening.

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