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Review Night Train Murders a.k.a. Last Stop on the Night Train a.k.a. L'ultimo treno della notte (1975): Surprisingly unnerving and powerful!

genre: thriller, horror

Since Night Train Murders was part of an Italian Horror collection which mostly consisted of giallo and supernatural movies this particular one caught me of guard. For a horror it is light on gore and blood. A lot is suggested. But the suggestion is so powerful and realistic that it is sure to unnerve even the most fanatic horror fans. Night Train Murders starts slowly and introduces the characters to us. It's done in a documentary style so it takes a while for the viewer to notice. We are witness to some antics of some thugs and see two young ladies boarding the train to go home for Christmas. All very pleasant but you feel there is something brewing. Enter Macha Méril, the beautiful lady who is seen as such but is the most vile and evil person in the movie. When her briefcase opens up accidentally we get a glimpse of a pornographic picture. The nice sophisticated lady knows pleasure. When one of the thugs passes by in the train she and him exchange a look and it is arranged. Without speaking a word they both go into the toilet to have sex with each other. You must realize that even now I did not see harm in this although I was beginning to wonder where this was all heading. Well, soon after it is clear where it is heading. The subtitle in poster above says it all:

"You can tell yourself IT'S ONLY A MOVIE - but it won't help!" 

This tag line summarizes how you will feel after some of the scenes. Even the most gentle souls would go into terminator mode. That is how unnerving and powerful the scenes were. Night Train Murders is a good movie but won't be for everyone. And for an older production it hasn't lost any of it's strength. So be prepared! 

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