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Review House With Laughing Windows (1976)

genre: giallo

After reading so many positive reviews I could not postpone it much longer and had to see for myself if the movie is worthy of praise. And I have to be real honest here I do think it is overrated. Is it a bad movie then? No, because there is something that does make it worth while to keep watching. I will try to describe what that is. For one thing nothing that eventful is happening apart from two or three scenes. But there is a sense of dread that is building up. The main character Stefano has to restore a painting that is discovered in a church in this small village. The painting is quite disturbing but beautiful and Stefano is immediately attracted to it. So he wants to learn more about the painter and starts his search. In the village where he is most people treat him nicely although they do try to keep clear from him. He does get to know more about the painter and his story. But everything is occurring very slowly so it does require that extra effort to follow Stefano. There were a few scenes that could be considered creepy and plays in on the childhood fears. You sense that something is wrong with the village and it's people. Combined with some eerie settings and the mystery I can understand why this thriller is considered a Gothic giallo by many. Again I have to be honest here. I do have to imagine a lot to really experience that creepy feeling Gothic Horror provides. Since the sense of dread is there but never really that haunting or dangerous. The ending is what did it for me.  Although it could even have be more powerful if they would skip on a few details revealed to early on. Then the surprise would have been ultimate. Still it was enough for me not to dislike and brand the movie as a bad one. You might have read a lot of praising reviews. And I am sure they have given valid reasons for it. The overall experience to me was underwhelming to say the least. Especially compared to other giallo movies I have seen. So don't expect too much!   

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