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Books versus Movies

Dear book readers,

I know it is hard to let go of an idea or fantasy that you have formed after reading a book. And I do understand that some movies have made mockeries out of the wonderful books you cherish. But you do have to realize that books and movies are two different mediums. What works in books very often can't work in cinema and vice versa. This doesn't mean you will always have to like or accept the changes. But to save yourself some disappointment it would be wise to approach it differently. One thing that has helped me considerably is asking myself the following. Has the spirit and soul or the greater thought behind the story been translated? If so then what does it matter that some details are different. Of course if it's not than you have all the right to complain. Although you must realize that people who haven't read the book might enjoy the movie just the same or even better since they aren't hindered by the knowledge of how a character should behave or the story should play out. A little thought to ease the pain.  

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