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Review Cassandra (1986): Wannabe slasher!

genre: thriller

Cassandra tries to be something which it is not. And that is  clever or sophisticated. Although it had me going for an hour or so. It had everything that could have made an excellent slasher movie. Creepy tension and atmosphere (although a little artificially created by this eerie soundtrack theme), a reoccurring dream that main character Cassandra is having that seems key to the whole mystery, a killer and some suspicious characters. After the first killing however a lot of tension diminished which became even ridiculous at the end because of some strange behaviour of the victims. They barely put up a fight (apart from one lady) but still manage to get away from their attacker. In stead of running as fast as they can to wherever they just stand there waiting to be attacked some more. So I am more than willing to believe that they were in shock. Only then there is Cassandra the most irrational of all. Who managed to get away to her car. The killer is not even chasing her. Get this. Cassandra fails to get her car starting. What would be your move in such a situation? Sure you would run like hell! Cassandra doesn't do any of that. In stead she goes back to the killer awaiting her faith. Excuse me? That gives stupid a whole other meaning. At this point you realize you have been duped and the wonderful climax that has been promised is not there. Also people expecting a supernatural horror or thriller will surely be disappointed. While there was one supernatural element thrown in the mix it is negligible for a reason given at the ending. Which is an obvious one. Not one to recommend.

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