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Special Attention to The Monster Squad (It did what Super 8 failed to do!)

genre: comedy, horror

Somehow I had very different ideas about this movie. I mean Frankenstein teaming up with Dracula, a mummy, a lizard type being and a where wolf. After finally having seen the movie I was so wrong about the concept. The Monster squad is a reference to the kids in the movie taking it upon their selves to defeat those monsters. If you have to compare this movie to a similar type then one could mention The Goonies. I love The Goonies but that really was more meant for kids. While Monster Squad is mostly fun it is also exciting. The kids are very likeable and for once the adults in the movie take them seriously as well. Super 8 with all it's promises and effects could not offer what Monster Squad did although you do have to overlook some of the outdated (and even for then low budget effects). Still it is part of the charm. If you get the chance don't pass it up. You will enjoy it!

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