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Learning Dutch

After having talked to many people all over the world online I found out that some genuinely are interested in picking up some Dutch (Nederlands). Now Dutch is a language that might prove to be challenging to learn. However as with any other language practice does make perfect. 

On this page I will add videos or articles to make learning Dutch an educational but fun experience. Beertje (our mascotte) will see to that.

Feel free to comment and ask me anything you want to know about the Dutch language. But I am also very willing to answer other questions about The Netherlands you might have. 


 Here is random Dutch article I am going to translate for you. 

Mexicaanse journalisten hebben Robben nog niet vergeven...


"Mister Robben, did you dive?" Een pertinente vraag aan het adres van Bayern-ster Arjen Robben, die stevig aan de tand werd gevoeld door een legertje Mexicaanse journalisten. De Nederlandse flankaanvaller kon er zelf om lachen: "Dat is zo lang geleden, volgens mij hoeven we het daar niet meer over te hebben."

Maar de Mexicanen geven niet op, zijn alleen ge├»nteresseerd in de penalty in de achtste finale op het WK in Brazili├ź, waardoor Nederland in extremis met Mexico afrekende (2-1).

Terechte strafschop

Na enig aandringen van de ijverige persmeute hapt Robben toch toe. "Ja, ik vond en vind het een strafschop. In de eerste helft had ik al een duidelijke penalty moeten krijgen. De strafschop die ik uiteindelijk kreeg, was volgens mij terecht. Als de Mexicanen dat niet vinden, moeten ze het moment misschien nog eens terugkijken. Weet je wat het mooie is aan sport? Als mensen verliezen volgt er teleurstelling, woede en frustratie. Dat is normaal, maar mensen moeten ook met een nederlaag omgaan."


Mexican Journalists haven't forgiven Robben yet.....

Mister Robben, did you dive? An applicable question for star player Arjen Robben, who was intensely and thoroughly questioned by the army of Mexican Journalists. The Dutch winger could laugh about it: " It is such a long time ago, I don't think we need to discuss this any more".
But the Mexicans refused to give up and indicated they were only interested in the penalty of the Eight final at the World Championship in Brazil, that caused the Dutch to win from Mexico in the final moments.

Penalty was justified.
After some persistence from the diligent press Robben bites and says: " Yes, I do think it was a penalty. In the first half I clearly should have been given one. But the one that was given to me finally was completely justified. If the Mexicans aren't in agreement with that, they need to look back at that moment more closely. You know what the beauty of sports is? If people lose disappointment, anger and frustration follow. That's normal, but people should also be able to cope with being defeated."

If you want to make a game of it go use google translate and then add this link underneath: 


You will notice the correct translation is very different from the google one.

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