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About me, Mrs. P. and this site!

Who am I?

I am someone who is passionate about several different media. Movies, TV Shows, music, videogaming. And everything that is connected and tied to these media in whatever form. For most of these media I turn to one of the greatest inventions ever, the Almighty PC. But of course also any digital and electronic device or gadget that can store, record and play these media (video game consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, media players). This Blog/ website gives me the opportunity to express my view on the media described above. And it allows me to share my thoughts and views on actual topics or other subjects I deem important as I am a critical thinker. I value freedom of speech as it is one of the most important human rights to have and preserve because without it you won't be able to live your life the way you want or need. But there are many other things we have to look out for and fight against if need be. My goal is to raise more awareness about these topics but also want to inform people why it is essential and important to be more critical towards certain developments in this world. We only have one and we should take much better care of it (Food for Thought).    

One extra note concerning page Bad B movies. I have seen many and over the years my appreciation for these has grown. To me most of them represent why I love movies in the first place. Because they are fun. Naturally I want to share this appreciation with you as much as I can. Also Bad should be taken in the broadest sense possible (good, bad, underrated A titles, older movies, certain horror etc). 

Currently my most dominant activities on this site are writing reviews. Contact me if you have requests concerning reviews of certain film titles. Or if you have other questions.




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