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About me, Mrs. P. and this site!

In all honesty I am much more than described above. But first and foremost I am very impulsive and passionate. I live for my passions and from time to time I will also get into trouble because of them. That is fine though. Life is definitely more interesting when it's unpredictable. In a way I like my films, shows and games to be like this as well. I like to be surprised or just reminded how beautiful and ugly life can be. You will certainly read my unfiltered opinions about many topics, in particular films. One of the main mediums that can have the most impact with very little. So do join me in my quest to review almost all of the films someone can watch in one lifetime!

Mind you my original XBOX live profile is not on here since I can't use it online for some reason. I put quite a few hours of gaming with that one. Oh well, here is my gamercard (including profiles XBOX / Playstation / Steam / GOG / Uplay)




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