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Review Phobia (1980): Not one I can recommond!

genre: drama, horror, thriller

A psychiatrist has created an experimental therapy group to cure them from theit phobia. The doctor pushes them to the extreme because he believes that is the best and fastest way. Then the members start dying off one by one. 

I am not an expert but confronting people with their fears moderarely and gradually could help people deal with them. But from what I read, putting people at ease or teaching them how to relax in situations of discomfort or fear seems to be the best treatment. Dr. Peter Ross (Paul Michael Glaser has the opposite approach. His patients seem to be reacting positively to their treatment but there is a reason why they are so optimistic.

I expected far more from this thriller. The concept is compelling. But the mystery, not so much. Almost very little to no red herrings. The lack of demonstrates how boring events get when suspects can be eliminated quickly. I love it when a film makes you think the killer is a certain person then to reveal a completely different person. That is what makes films like these fun. Well, there was one thing that stuck out. The police harassment. 

But apart from that there is very little excitement to be hold. Not one I can recommend.

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