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Review The First Omen (2024): Better than Immaculate!

genre: horror, mystery

If you are familiar to the franchise, it was a matter of time another part would be made. This time a prequel. Prequels are often very tricky since it can't really rely on the surprise element. In fact such a film is counting on what you do seem to know.

It's therefore strange that The First Omen is very similar to Immaculate. Almost scene by scene except for the outcome of course. But if I had to pick the best, I would choose The First Omen. It's creepier and scarier. This film tells the story better and has better acting. The church members certainly act far more dubious than in Immaculate. If you know the franchise, then this really shouldn't be that surprising. Compared to the members in Immaculate, they are far more ruthless and relentless, as they are very aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. It's disgusting. One could argue that the members in Immaculate at least had some good intentions. Although by doing so they were playing god themselves, which of course is never good!

The lead actually looks like someone who could be a nun in real life. And at least she attempts to learn Italian. She is pure of heart. So naturally you feel more sympathy for her. She doesn't deserve the terror she is facing. Then again, when do people really? 

Overall, I was far more into The First Omen than Immaculate, as you know that some events are unavoidable. It's therefore quite remarkable that even knowing this manages to instil some fear and dread. Definitely, a must-watch! So much so that it made me want to rewatch all the other films in the franchise.

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