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Review The Superdeep a.k.a. Kolskaya sverhglubokaya (2020): Combination of The Thing and Resident Evil!

genre: science fiction, horror

The Superdeep had been on my radar for a long time, but I couldn't get a hold of the film in the original language. That is why, as an exception to the rule, decided to watch the English dubbed version. Serious films like these need to be shown in their original language, there is absolutely no need to have this dubbed, but I am pretty sure this is done for the American market. Apparently, the majority of Americans don't like subtitles. And why am I mentioning this, because the overall result is that it hurts the film, especially in the more dramatic moments. Not that the dubbing is bad or anything, I mean for what it's worth, it's pretty good. However, you can tell that often the dialogue doesn't line up with how the characters express themselves, and to me that was pretty annoying.

Anyway, I got past it and managed to immerse myself. Not without hiccups. For whatever reason, The Superdeep is very slow at times. I understand what they were going for. Build-up of tension and dread. 
I wished I could say that this was consistent and effective. But the direction in this regard was awful. The actual terror and horror doesn't hit you so hard as it could. Although, this doesn't mean you won't be exposed to some atrocities. You certainly will, it's disgusting and glorious. I have to commend the filmmakers for the use of the special effects. I think it must be a combination of CGI and practical effects. Apparently, the budget for the film was 2 million US dollars. That's peanuts. And yet, they managed to make it look like a big budget film.

While it didn't lessen my viewing experience, I do think the minimal story and characterization could have been done far better. Our lead Anja, for example, a couple of times she is shown to be haunted by nightmares, probably out of guilt. The film makes it seem like this is a big deal and is going to play a role in how she acts. It is true, at times, she does act very cowardly. Only, not of her male team members seem to mind that much. Not once, do they get angry with her. To me, this seemed so surreal. I definitely, would have called her out for her actions especially the events get worse because of them.

Overall, it could have been done better. But still, I had fun with it while it lasted. Did I mention, this film is very Lovecraftian? No? It definitely is! Always a good thing in my opinion.

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