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Review Rush Hour 3 (2007): Worst of the trilogy! The credits with the bloopers are funnier than the whole film.

genre: action, crime, comedy

This third part in the Rush Hour franchise surprised me completely. I wasn't expecting much, but Rush Hour 3 is even worse than I could imagine. 

How is it possible that with great martial artists like Jackie Chan and Hiroyuki Sanada you can't get more out of the action scenes than it did. Chan and Sanada deserve more respect than this! Compare this film with Chan's Rob-B-Hood Also, more of a comedy than action film, which was a very funny. But one scene from that film contained more action than there is in all of RH 3 Even the first two Rush Hour parts had more spunk and action. Brett Ratner again proves that he is among the worst of directors in Hollywood and doesn't give a damn about making good products. He has no idea what Sanada and Chan are capable of! With these two, he could have created a classic and memorable end fight. I mean with considerable help of Chan and Sanada of course. What we get instead is too ridiculous for words.  After violating Xmen 3 I was hoping that he would redeem himself. Well, he didn't. I must admit that Chris Tucker was funny at times.  But part of the charm of the earlier Rush Hour entries was the combination of the funny Chris and ass kicking Jackie. Now it was almost a one-man show starring Chris Tucker.  I like him, but to have Jackie's talent diminished like this is offensive. Hopefully this will be the last in the franchise and if the fourth is coming they should give Jackie Chan the freedom to do what he wants. 

It can be enjoyable if you numb yourself. That means, go beyond intoxication. Because while the first two were average at best, this one is far less entertaining. And that is quite the accomplishment to be honest. Forget this one exists!

Edit 27-02-2024:
This review has been written on 28-08-2007. And while I haven't watched it since, I really don't have the desire to do so. I will stick by these words. Apparently, I am not nearly as harsh as other reviewers have been.

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