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Review The White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell (2023): Better than it's predecessor!

genre: action, crime

Another sequel to The White Storm and, like the second part, one in name only. Again, we are dealing with actors returning to the franchise who portray different characters. Even when the core is still the simple and old trope of cops versus robbers.

Apparently, tropes like these do have longevity if done properly. What do I mean with that? Well, you have to make it compelling. One can do that by spinning the narrative with creative twist and turns, or one can focus on the spectacle. I guess director Herman Yau was going for the latter. Except, he couldn't leave the story be and chose to make things unnecessarily confusing and pointless. Yau has infused many flashbacks in this tale to supposedly surprise the viewer, even when it's fairly obvious who are who and what they are about. It's that the actors are so used to playing the same role that even with minimal effort they give a lot. Perhaps even too much, since they surely aren't back up by the plot.

They are also one of the main reasons why the action is enjoyable. I really wished I could say that the action is exciting. Perhaps short bursts within the large action sequences. It's competently choreographed and decent. But that's really all I can say about it, since for the most part I didn't really care.

Compared to The White Storm 2 this is a little better but compared to the original this is a real disappointment. 

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