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Review Army of Darkness a.k.a. Evil Dead III (1992): A Sam Raimi classic!

genre: horror, comedy

A Sam Raimi classic. This film might feel different compared to the first two Evil Dead films but make no mistake this definitely is the third part in the franchise. Little less horror but still very weird and very fun.

Even with less creepiness and dread, this third part in the franchise certainly ups the insanity. The film moves quite fast and not a second is wasted. It's almost non-stop action and one-liner after one-liner. Ash definitely is on top of his hero-game, but we also get exposed to this stupidity. He has to remember a few words of an incantation, but when the moment is there, he screws up big time. This leads to the craziest interactions you can think of. One of these interactions is a fight between him and mini versions of him, Only one of them can cause a lot of trouble. But multiple of them? Working together?
It's hilarious. 

At the same time, though, these scenes are incredibly goofy and campy. Don't get me wrong, I was embracing the insanity, but especially after multiple viewings, I wished some of the campiness was replaced with the dread and the terror of the first two parts. I think there were several moments in the film where it very easily could have been straight horror, if only to balance out a little. Apparently, this third entry was difficult to make, but the move from straight horror to comedy was intended. I am not sure why. Perhaps to deliberately make it different from the rest or, as is suggested, to bring more people in. But they failed to reach the targeted audience. Very likely, horror fans, like me, weren't up for slapstick a la Three Stooges. 

Overall, despite the flaws and tonal change, Army of Darkness is still very much a Sam Raimi epic where Bruce Campbell demonstrates how to be the ultimate badass. A must-watch and one to own for sure!

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