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Review Blue Beetle (2023): Vastly underrated!

genre: superhero, comic book adaptation

Blue Beetle is a DC character I am not familiar with. Apparently there is some debate whether he is part of the DCEU or not and to be real frank, who cares? All I want is a good superhero film that entertains. It shouldn't be that hard, but I guess it is somehow?

Blue Beetle in that regard delivers. Not entirely as I myself want, but I guess that is asking too much. What I want? Well, I want a superhero to do superhero stuff, but mainly helping out people. You know, the hero part. For whatever reason, a lot of current superhero films seem to be forgetting about that pretty significant detail. In essence, Blue Beetle is an origin film. And most of the story is focused on Jaime Reyes becoming Blue Beetle and what impact this has on him and his family. More than with other superhero films, the family is very important. And I must admit, their antics and interactions with each other are providing the most fun. One could say in the same vein as Ms. Marvel (2022). But of course that being a TV Show has more time to explore certain characters. Here in this film, we get to know the family members on a superficial level. Jaime, is mostly dealing with what happens to him and his family and less about helping others. I can't state enough, that this should be essential in a superhero film.

Because of the emphasis on the family, Blue Beetle basically is small in scale. And therefore the action and spectacle never feels grand and epic. I liked it, but it's not particularly memorable. For an origin film, though, you get served enough. Still, if it were up to me, I would give this character a better chance to prove his worth amidst Batman, Superman and the other famous heroes in DC.

Overall, I think the marketing for this film has been abysmal. No build-up whatsoever. Suddenly there was a trailer showing in the cinema. But only shortly before its premiere. One also has to question the timing. Why release this film so fast after The Flash? And why a new hero who probably is not going to appear in reboot DCEU? Honestly, I think Blue Beetle is a lot of fun and vastly underrated. Sure, it doesn't do anything new, but should it? 

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