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Review Eliminators (1986): One I can recommend!

Genre: science fiction, action, adventure

Undoubtedly Eliminators jumps in on the trend started by The Terminator and Robocop. And it did this by only a fraction of the budgets for those films. 

The story is very basic and simple. You have a madman called Abbot Reeves who has a certain goal in mind and doesn't care who he hurts or what destroys in the process. One of his creations, Mandroid, is no use to him after he delivered a requested item from ancient Rome. Mandroid is half man and half android. Not by choice. He was a pilot but his plane crashed. Instead of helping him, Reeves turned him into Mandroid. After Takada, a scientist, refuses to disassemble Mandroid, both him and Mandroid decide to revolt and flee. But Reeves is on to them and kills Takada. But before Takada dies he is able to tell Maandroid that he should look up Hunter for help Nora Hunter played by Denise Crosby is an ass kicking scientist who wants to find out what Reeves has done with her inventions. So both she and Mandroid go on this quest to seek out Reeves and stop his evil plans.

The majority of this story is about Mandroid assembling his team of Avengers so to speak. Next to Hunter there is a Han Solo type of scoundrel named Harry Fontana, another droid called SPOT resembling R2D2 but smaller and more mobile since he can warp through time and space, laser but not least, Kuji. He is the son of Takada and apparently is a ninja. Kuji is played by Conan Lee most famous for Ninja in the Dragon's Den and Tiger on the Beat. There are some pacing issues but for the most part the events are awesome.

These events however are played in very serious manner and I guess its asked of you to take them seriously. But you can't since most of them are utterly ridiculous. I am sure if all the actors involved would ham it up Eliminators would kill it. Although I do have to credit the filmmakers from borrowing elements from other huge franchises (Star Wars, Robocop, The Terminator) and making it their own.

Overall, the film is quite fun and certainly one I can recommend!

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