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Review Angel Enforcers a.k.a. Huang jia fei feng (1989): I can't really recommend this!

genre: girls with guns, martial arts, action, crime

Godfrey Ho is mostly known for his cut and paste martial arts films, usually featuring ninja's, where random scenes were put together in a way you could hardly make sense of what is going on. Angel Enforcers in that regard is a legitimate film with a story that is easy to flow. But is worth your time?

Angel Enforcers certainly does more right than wrong, but I can't praise it as much as some reviewers have done. Sure, the action is plentiful. But is it remarkable? Most action sequences are over before you know it. They are competent, but that's all I can about it, really. Still, I do have to mention the many redeeming factors this films has. The cast. Philip Ko and Dick Wei have important roles. They both play buddies who would do anything for each other. Dick Wei's character almost forgets about his sick grandma to take revenge when buddy Philip Ko's gets killed during a successful assassination. While, this is an important element in a lot of HK action flicks, here it felt immensely gay. I don't think this was intentional, but this subplot completely detracted from the main plot, and it's unclear why.

The main plot is about this elite team of police women consisting of Sharon Yeung, Chiu Wai-Ling, Kitty Meng Chui and Aan Lee. They are on the hunt for a crime boss whose identity is unknown. Not only are they highly competent, they are quite sexy and attractive. Especially Sharon Yeung shows she is leading lady material. Too bad, she doesn't really get to show her martial arts skills that much. Still, she does make it worth your while in the brief action sequences.

Very soon into the story, out of the blue, the crime boss does get revealed. Ha Chi-Chun. She does her best to convince she is tough and ruthless. She is hardly intimidating when talking to her minions. However, the fact that she manages to put the fear of god into people by hiring the right goons is very impressive. There is one memorable scene, where a certain drink is served in a special way. Cupid's Cocktail. A simple google search reveals that the ingredients in the film don't entirely match up. Let's say that one of the victims was completely mesmerized by how this drink was served. And not going to lie. I want that drink too! The lady serving the drink doesn't hold back when it comes to enticing the man. However, the man is a true businessman and doesn't let that get in the way of his initial decision. You have to admire that kind of dedication to your craft. The woman then calls in two men. The man, played by Charlie Cho (who apparently was in a lot of soft porn films), cries out that violence won't work. The woman replies that these are blue movie studs from Hollywood and that they have a different way of dealing with stubborn men like him. Heavily implied that he is about to get raped, since he is cuffed to the railing and can't flee. Talk about evil.

Overall, Angel Enforces is decent, but didn't really impress me much. Especially, action wise, it just didn't enough of the action goodness I crave. So I can't really recommend this.

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