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Review Asteroid City (2023): It's a waste of time!

genre: comedy, drama, romance

I absolutely loved The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)  and made me question why I hadn't watched a Wes Anderson film before. I tried The French Dispatch (2021). But no, I just couldn't get into it. This one looked to be very promising. I mean, how can you go wrong with Jeff Goldblum as an alien. 

Apparently, very wrong since like The French Dispatch this film was hard to get into. Granted there were some funny, quirky moments I liked. But a couple of those moments involved a CGI version of Road Runner. And let's face it, that is someone else's joke. 

For whatever reason, this film is far too pretentious and full of itself regarding theatre and acting. I get it, actors love to talk about themselves and their processes. Nowadays, we get exposed to that already too much with the million podcasts out there. I, as a cinephile, do want to know certain things, but not all the time. Sometimes, I would like to think that now and then magic happens. I feel that certain matters should remain a mystery because knowing too much can ruin the viewing experience for you. In here, these sequences contribute to scenes which are completely detached and devoid of emotions. Wouldn't children cry when receiving news about the death of their mother? Not in this film, since these child actors play super-intelligent beings who can shut down pesky things like emotions. Come on, it's so stupid! 

And had it delivered a play with worthwhile story then maybe, I would have enjoyed this film more. But no, there is nothing to be gained from this, especially entertainment wise. It's a waste of time!

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