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Review Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984): Essential viewing!

genre: science fiction, adventure, drama

Believe it or not, but The Search for Spock was the first Star Trek film I had ever seen. Sure, I had seen the shows, but at age 9 my access to videos and films was somewhat limited. So I kind of was forced to watch whatever was shown on television or rented by my father. And the impact of this film was quite significant.

Back then, I wasn't aware that this was a direct sequel to The Wrath of Khan. Soon after, though, it did make sense. Because then I did get exposed to the previous parts. After learning more about the premise and what preceded before, I can honestly say I was completely enthralled. Now, some time has passed, and I can state that this definitely is one of the better parts in the franchise, but won't have that much impact any more. 

This time, it's not the universe that is at stake, but merely the life of one being in particular. It does feel smaller in scale. Despite this, a lot does happen, which will have consequences for certain characters, especially Kirk. For me, the investment was high, but I can understand that for some this won't be the case since they might not feel a strong connection to Kirk and the rest of the crew.

But I must say that while perhaps less at stake, the film does offer enough action, spectacle and drama wise. This part also functions as the film that connects two of the best worlds with each other. The Wrath of Khan embraced the serious side of OG Star Trek while The Voyage Home looked up the comedy elements which also were part of the original show. In that regard, it makes this essential viewing.

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