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Review 65 (2023): An immensely forgettable action adventure!

genre: science fiction, adventure, drama

65 has such an interesting premise that could and should have made a remarkable film. But it's not. It actually is pretty boring, even with its short length.

I went into this blindly, not knowing what the 65 stood for until they released that notion quite quickly. In fact, they even spoil that in the poster and trailer. But it's a nice twist and would have totally worked in favour of the film had they not spoil it. Still, even then, the film would have been a little problematic. You see, the world that is presented represents monsters that act and behave very differently from what we know. All of them are shown as evil and relentless predators. That simply wasn't the case. Just look at how predators behave in general. If they aren't hungry, or don't feel threatened, nothing will happen. Yet, this film keeps on insisting that you will constantly be haunted. 

To make matters worse, this is almost the only narrative that is going on. Sure, you get a little background, but it's so minimal and lacking you start to wonder if you should care or not. I did a little, but solely because of the performances and some of the action sequences. It also doesn't help that the writers of A Quiet Place point out they aren't a fan of meaningful dialogue. Preferably, they want their characters not to talk at all. How do they achieve this in the film? Well, the little girl Adam Driver's character finds speaks a different language than he does. And since his translation device is broken, they don't understand each other completely. I am aware that they probably put this element in to create tension and some paranoia, but if that was the goal, they should have used a male actor of the same age as Adam Driver. Then the threat could have come from both sides. 

A film around 90 minutes shouldn't be feeling like a drag. Still, it does. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed some of the action sequences. But they could have been better had they shown us something realistic and truly terrifying. Every day I find out something creepy concerning bugs and animal on this planet. They should have done proper research to give their film more credibility. As it stands now, it's an immensely forgettable action adventure. Real shame if you ask me, since this did have the potential to be more memorable.

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