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Review Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre (2023): Not fun at all!

genre: action, comedy, thriller, espionage

If, like me, you have seen the trailer, this looks like yet another Statham action flick with comedy elements. I knew it wasn't going to be sophisticated, at least it was going to be fun.

When the film starts, you do get the sense that there is going to be a big pay-off. Especially considering the pacing. The film moves lightning fast, and it is one of those films if you missed a few seconds you will lose the plot. And not because it's complicated, just because a lot is being done or said. It's very different from how Guy Ritchie usually does things, so it's a bit surprising. But like I said, it does make it seem like there is going to be a big pay-off. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The film just ends without giving you something. Or maybe some people might think it is. I myself lost interest early on. It had me going, but then people started to annoy me. Like Aubrey Plaza, for example. She is supposed to be this hot shot hacker / agent. Every joke she makes falls flat. She tried to be cool and fails miserably. I don't get it. She is one of the few actresses to be funny when being rigid, stubborn and cold. She should have been perfect for a film like this. Except, she is also trying to hot and sexy. And I think she is one of those women who can pull it off. In one scene, she does remind me of Jessica Rabbit. Then you realize that Jessica Rabbit, an animated character, looks a whole better than she does in this film. Point is, that she doesn't accomplish to be like Ana de Armas in No Time to Die. I know that acting wise, Aubrey has the capabilities. But for some reason, she couldn't here. Maybe she is someone who does need direction. Begs the question, what was Guy Ritchie doing? Did he even care?

Jason Statham, is supposed to be the lead. But here it feels like that he is a secondary character who sort of ties events and characters together. Luckily, we do get to see him kick ass a little, but not to the extent the trailer promises. It also doesn't help that he gets overshadowed by Hugh Grant, Carey Elwes and Josh Hartnett. They simply are better actors and are more compelling. But even they fail to be hilarious. They only provided a few smirks here and there. I laughed the hardest when a side character played by Bugzy Malone when he does something a lot of sensible people would do. 

I really fail to see what the appeal should be. The film lacks tension, thrills and genuine laughter. It doesn't even offer good action. Just avoid this one!

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