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Review Emily the Criminal (2022): Average crime film!

genre: crime, thriller, drama

Emily the Criminal is met with a lot of praise. If the ratings on IMDB were to be believed, this film is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, this is a big lie. 

First off, there is no point to the plot. It's just a tale of a woman who wants to advance, but supposedly isn't being offered the chances that could make it happen for her because of a mistake she made in her past. I think it is safe to say that many people could relate to this, so I was all on board. Except, the film never truly explores her attempts to be en do better. Yes, she works hard. But at different times in the film we are told that Emily is passionate about art. Apart from witnessing her doodling, this never becomes apparent. When an old friend reaches out to her, all she is interested in is money. Naturally, that is quite important. However, if you are truly passionate, money should not be the deciding factor.

Emily the Criminal is also commended for its realistic portrayal and social commentary. For that to work, you have to explore and show events that point out bureaucracy or any other wrong doing on the part of the government and other official institutions. This film really neglects and fails to depict what people deal with. If Emily was shown to try real hard to make it but gets bogged and shot down by the man, then yes, that could have been compelling. It also could make you root for her more. I mean you do to a certain extent but not enough.

And one huge factor that truly ruined the experience for me is the inclusion of Theo Rossi. I have seen in him several films and shows now and do have to conclude he is a one note actor. Why they keep casting him is beyond me. He is so annoying. And in the rare moments he is not, he is bland and boring. The one reason I didn't shut down my media player was because of Aubrey Plaza. She is a good actress, and she does elevate this film into something more sheer to her performance. But she can do only so much with what she is given. Now, it also should be noted that she became a producer after reading the script and agreeing to star in the film. You see this often, and I always assumed that usually when an actor co-produces it's just to give support financially. I am not sure how much influence or power they have when it comes to story and direction. But if she did have the power and neglected to make the role and story more compelling, she also can be blamed for the final product. There really is no excuse to do more with a crime story like this, which is criminal in itself. 

Like I said, only worth it because of Aubrey Plaza, but even then the film is quite average and pointless. So I can't recommend this!

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