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Review Avengement (2019): Scott Adkins goes Charlie Bronson!

genre: crime, action

Apparently they thought it was wise for Scott Adkins to have a different look about him. And it certainly sells his role as the innocent fighter who has been pushed over the brink.

When we first get introduced to his character, there is very little doubt that he is a bad man. A very bad man. But through flashbacks, we get to find out how and why he has become the man he is now. We all know that Adkins is a splendid martial artist and that action wise he is going to deliver. But I think I also need to emphasize his acting skills. He is able to convey despair and disillusion with just his eyes. The story itself is your average revenge / crime story, but is given a little dimension because of Adkins and the action. The supporting cast is also good and help sell the story. Although I wished their parts were a little bigger. Nick Moran and Louis Mandylor for example have the ability to make stories more compelling. Especially Moran with his comedic timing. It's real fun though to see these hardened criminals get overwhelmed by the force portrayed by Adkins. 

So what about the action? It's less fancy and stylish like you normally expect from Scott. Very wisely, they decided for the action to be gritty and brutal. And it sure is brutal. The film doesn't shy away from showing the violence in all its glory. Maybe I am nitpicking a little, but at times it feels the film is slowing down somewhat. Usually because of unnecessary exposition. Like they were trying to make it seem that Cain (Scott Adkins) really has lost his mind. Actually, that would have made the film more fun, since you are basically rooting for a madman. Unfortunately, you just know that deep down, Cain is a good man who got pushed too far.

Avengement doesn't go too deep into the prison system but does enough to point out the flaws. Adkins is an innocent man who is obviously being targeted. Instead of helping him and transferring him to another prison or putting him in isolation, they put him in harms way where he has no choice but to defend himself and toughen up. He was a good man turned into a monster because he was written off. So yes, overall, I really liked this one. Definitely one to check out if you are an action fan.

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