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Quick thoughts on Gone in the Night (2022) and Fresh (2022)

Gone in the Night 2022

Here I was thinking that this would be a more traditional horror affair where evil slowly but surely would get a hold of you. 

And for a while it looked like it was going to be a compelling and thrilling affair. Unfortunately, after twenty minutes or so, the film becomes a real bore. There sure are some twists and turns, but unnerving, mind-bending, twisted and savage? Like described in the trailer? All lies. 

The super twist is just stupid. The film doesn't even try to give the characters some depth and complexities. It really would have helped if one of these actually had the guts to ham it up so that, we, the audience could get some enjoyment from it. For what it's worth, the acting is solid enough.

But that is all I am going to say about it. A real let down. Don't waste your time with this!


Fresh also supposed to be savage and twisted. And to a large extent it is because of its concept.

The film does have a good start. Main character Noa played by Daisy Edgar-Jones seems to have real bad luck when it comes to dating and the men she ends up with. It's obvious she is a little too hungry for a genuine relationship, and therefore forsakes almost every precaution you should take when dating. Especially when she comes across someone she is smitten for. Steve, played by Sebastian Stan, charms himself into her life and very quickly asks her to go away with him for a weekend. If that isn't a big red flag, then I don't know what is. But Noa really likes him, so she agrees. Even when her best friend Mollie (Jojo T. Gibbs) warns her and tells her to be careful. 

It's safe to say things don't go as planned and Noa finds herself in quite the predicament. I won't spoil what exactly. But it is pretty gross and disgusting. Especially since it is something that is very possible. At this moment, the film should have been a thrilling affair with immediate urgency. But no, Fresh is in no hurry to give you a real sense of danger. I mean, it's there but Noa for example remains far too calm, composed and nice. I think I would have thought it more realistic has she lost it and then become calm to do whatever she can to get out of the predicament. And mind you, she does come up with a brilliant plan. I personally didn't think of the option she came up with. So that is a good thing. 

But everything else is just too stupid. Fresh is disturbing, but never scary nor thrilling. I expected some clever cat and mouse play between Noa and Steve. Or at least some compelling interactions that would truly provoke and challenge you. Instead, the focus lies on that one thing I can't speak off and how special it is. Steve is extremely careless if you think about it. It just doesn't make sense. Well, it would have, had we seen more of his inner workings or how he became the man we are presented to. 

Overall, Fresh is immensely overrated as a horror film. It doesn't do anything new nor creative. Yet, it is trying real hard to have that one thing be super appealing to people. Why? To shock us? Or are they secretly trying to convert you? I think too many people were too accommodating. If any real people would be in the situation, Noa is in you would react differently. She is too damn calm. It completely breaks the immersion. I am very aware that I am supposed to laugh at certain things. It's supposedly so unexpected and therefore funny. Only it's not. The dancing perhaps, but that is it.

I wished I could tell you that you will have a grand time. But you won't. Fresh is very predictable and ultimately empty.

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