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My thoughts on Hustle (2022): Feel good film! / Interceptor (2022): Die Hard on a remote missile interceptor station!

genre: drama, sports

Adam Sandler has proven he can do drama. It would be a matter of time he would be doing more of those then the ludicrous and insane comedies he has been producing his entire life. I honestly do like those. They are warped, for sure. But there is an honesty and sincerity to them. And most of the time the jokes while juvenile are effective. Still, I can't deny it's a joy to watch Sandler show his sensitive and vulnerable side.

Hustle is very much a Rocky kind of feel good of film. Only this is set in the basketball world. The NBA to be exact. Now, I am not really a fan of the NBA. I am of the sport, but only to play it myself. I get that it makes a good spectator sports. Still, for me, it's one of those that does for me when I am playing it myself or as a big feature in films like this one. Hustle is exactly what you expect. It does enough to create drama. Only, it never goes deep enough to really get to know the characters better. I was expecting a lot more fireworks. 

Then again, I am a real sucker for feel good films, so I can't fault it too much. It does what it needs to do to provide solid entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interceptor comes out of nowhere with someone I don't really know that well. Elsa Pataky, wife of Chris Hemsworth, is the John McClane character in a Die Hard clone. 

And I have to say, that from all the clones, this does seem to be a decent one. But does have a few flaws and problems. For whatever reason, they found it necessary to have a METOO case featured in the film. It's so blatant and on the nose, there is not much room left to not side with the main character. McClane might have been an excellent cop, he wasn't a particular good husband. It's not explained that well, but very much implied that he didn't exactly make an effort to be better. So he is a flawed and therefore a stronger character. JJ Collins (Pataky), can't be blamed for what is done to her. She is perfect. There is not much she can do to improve herself. Except to prove herself to people who never took her seriously in the first place. It's a different angle and in my opinion doesn't work that well. Had she screwed up tasks or was rumoured to be a bad officer, then it would make sense to showcase that the rumours were just that. But we immediately know she is a badass, since she is supposed to be. That completely takes away any scenes that could have provided some tension and suspense. Especially during the interactions between her and the main villain played by Luke Bracey. Speaking of Luke. The guy is boring. So don't expect anything from him.

With this being an action flick made today, I had at least expected better fight and gun combat scenes. I mean, why not have Pataky kick ass the way her husband did in Extraction. All the problems and flaws of the story and characterization would have been forgiven. The station is almost the perfect setting for close quarters combat. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball on this one. The action isn't bad by any means, but could have been more exciting. Now it's just adequate, and I guess that should count for something.

Overall, Interceptor is very forgettable. Perhaps very ideal for Netflix to watch late at night or rainy Sunday. But it's not a title I can recommend.

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