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Review Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022): Takes far too long to get to the point!

genre: action, adventure, drama

It's an understatement claiming that I am a huge fan of Michelle Yeoh. I have been since she first was named Michelle Khan when she was featured in several girls with guns flicks. This alias was chosen by the D&B studio, who thought it might be more marketable to international and western audiences. What truly is remarkable is that she has evolved from an action star to an all-rounder who is also capable of playing dramatic roles. You get to see both in this one, although the emphasis lies on the drama.

So why am I not happy with the final product? Before I get blasted for not having patience. I was on board for the first hour or so until I saw the film repeating itself. And had there been a good reason to do, so I would have been fine with that. Unfortunately, it is very clear where the film is going. But it takes so many detours without actually offering surprises that the viewing experience becomes a little tedious. Sure, the eye candy is extraordinary. However, it is a little too much for the senses. What I absolutely can't fathom, how little depth there is to the characters. There is very little development, and not once did they actually surprise you. There are so many times in the film where the interactions could have been more impacting and meaningful. But no, for whatever reason someone decided that the more serious moments have to be interchanged with wackiness. I must admit that I have seen Michelle do things I am certain a Chinese audience would frown upon. And yet hasn't caused a scandal. So maybe that's a win? More likely that a lot of people didn't catch certain sequences since so much is happening. 

Apart from the simple story, the acting is superb all over. Almost every vital character do their best to make you believe the world that is presented to you. Next to Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan shows what he is capable of when given the chance. And it is a real delight to see him return on the big screen after he got disillusioned with Hollywood. Both The Goonies and Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom are masterpieces also because he was in it. Such a shame that he wasn't offered more diverse roles other than the stereotypical ones. Let's hope this film will be a resurgence for his career. And is it me? Doesn't he look a lot like Jackie Chan now?

Jamie Lee Curtis also shows a different side. She is absolutely terrifying as the tax auditor. But also is seen as someone vulnerable. James Hong apparently is still alive and kicking. And how! So yes, there is nothing wrong with the performances. But like I said if you look beyond the craziness and action you will realize the film is quite empty which is such a shame since this film had the potential to be real touching and impactful. Now it's entertaining while it lasts but does ask a lot of your patience.

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