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Review The Matrix Resurrections (2021): One big middle finger against the fans of the first hour!

genre: science fiction, action, adventure

When word got to me that a fourth part was coming to The Matrix franchise I wasn't as excited as most were. To me, as flawed as the trilogy was, it was finished. Sure a lot of things can be done with the world especially in the right hands. But to truly innovate always was going to be an impossible task. Then again after all these years I did foresee some possibilities like blending wire-fu and gun fu portrayed in many Hong Kong films of yesteryear and now, and don't forget Keanu's own John Wick which was heavily inspired old school Hong Kong action. I mean the action could have been explosive.

Unfortunately, if action and spectacle was the one thing you were hoping for then let me help you out of that dream. It's almost absent. Sure there is enough to make the film feel like it belongs in the franchise. But it doesn't even come close to the action in previous films. Actually I am sure that this atrocity will make you appreciate the sequels to the original. Even when they in general were regarded as lesser films. Now, I was very aware that they were very limited in truly surprising you. The Matrix gave us special effects we hadn't seen before. There isn't much you can do to improve on that except maybe if you are named Rajinikanth with his Enthiran. It's an example what you can do with enough imagination. Sorry to say but one of the original creators Lana Wachowski lacks this through and through as she didn't even try to bring back the foundations of the original. While it can be argued that the story of the original was mind-bending, the main appeal of the film always was the throwback to old school Hong Kong action modernized with technology of today. If this is gone, what is left? The story. 

And you better bring your A game if you want to blow us away with a concept that on paper has many possibilities but in practice is difficult to accomplish. There are only so many ways you will be compelled by the notion what is real or not? I did like certain moments in the film where they do make you doubt a little. But then I realized it's all a ruse and mere deception. To be honest, I was fine with that. I actually liked it how Thomas Anderson had to re-learn things about him and the world he resides in. As simple as the Jesus / superhero plot line was it's a very effective one. But no, you can't have this without some woke approach ruining it for you. I am pretty sure they thought it was brilliant. Instead it made me feel like the whole viewing experience was one big joke.

In all fairness, I don't think The Matrix Resurrections is super bad. I was entertained in places. But it certainly doesn't come close to any of the previous parts in the franchise. Not even Enter the Matrix. That game sure had some impossible and tedious sequences. Still it also has some iconic moments that brought me joy. I didn't get that from this film. More the opposite. So yes, overall as a standalone film I am sure you will find entertainment. As part of the franchise this almost one big middle finger against the fans of the first hour! Not one I can recommend. 

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