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Review Yes Madam 5 a.k.a. Red Force 5 a.k.a. In the Line of Duty 9 a.k.a. Wei qing zhui zong (1996): Weakest part in the franchise!

genre: girls with guns, martial arts, action,

The In the Line of Duty franchise is popular for two things. The action and the ass kicking done by women. Take that out of the equation and you are left with a film I wouldn't even want to check out late at night when completely hammered. 

Billy Chow is one of the henchman who also is very briefly in the film. Almost like he was on his way to another production and then bumped into Philip who asked him to do one fight. Wouldn't you want to know how these people produced films like this? I really do, would be so much more interesting than the film itself.

Because for whatever reason this final part in the franchise decides to completely put emphasis on a plot that is so weak I lost interest two minutes in. Basically it's about a criminal group trying to get a hold of a floppy disc with very sensitive information on it. At least I assume so because I really couldn't be bothered to follow the mostly nonsensical plot. For dramatic purposes they have woven in a romantic plot between a gang member and Inspector Yeung played by Cynthia Khan. Mind you, this could have worked had they actually explored it a little further. But everything in this film is lazy. 

Sharon yeung makes a cool but brief appearance and then is gone. She doesn't even speak (if I remember correctly). 

And a bunch of you might wonder, but Chrichton why are you talking about the plot, isn't this supposed to be an action flick? Well, that is the problem people. There is very little action in this film. And what little action there is, is not even enjoyable. There is one sequence that could have been exciting. But I guess the stuntman who had to do the stunt was on his lunch break. Instead of waiting for him to return they decided to simply not show a pivotal moment of a stunt with a helicopter. I was literally dumbfounded that not even the finale redeems the torture this film put me through. 

Cynthia Khan discussing her love life.

Does beg the question, why even bother to make this other than to cash in on a genre and franchise that was dying? There were enough people present to make it worth your while action wise. Philip Ko is almost a master of giving you good action with very little means. Here he drops the ball big time. It's abysmal. Worst is the fact that Cynthia Khan is barely in this film. She does very little that is worth mentioning. I mean at least had her losing her composure after finding out her husband to be, is a gangster. 

If for whatever reason you find this film in the bargain bin, just leave it there. It's not worth your money or time. 

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