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Review Scream (1996): Remains to be fun on multiple viewings even if you already know who the killer is!

genre: horror, thriller, mystery, slasher

Wes Craven undoubtedly was a master of horror. With his Scream film series he demonstrated that he could do a lot with a genre that had been done to death.

Not only did he revive the subgenre. He also managed to showcase that a lot still can be done with a little imagination and love for horror films. Scream is very famous for it's meta approach which was started in Wes Craven's New Nightmare. This film made fun of the genre but also made it creepy and scary. Scream also successfully makes fun of certain tropes and horror rules but at the same time abides by them. It does a real good job keeping you on the edge of your seat the first time you watch it. On multiple viewings though you will be critical to see if the film gives you hints and clues about the killer. It's then when you realize and wonder how you could have missed the obvious. It's because Wes Craven / Kevin Williamson managed to use misdirection in such a clever way that you will keep guessing until the big twist is revealed. In an article it's even mentioned that writer Kevin Williamson wasn't even aware who killed who. Just proves that Wes Craven was the one who made Scream what it was. 

Upon rewatching Scream I hadn't even realized that Wes Craven had a cameo. He is the janitor dressed up as Freddy Krueger also named Fred. Next to references to other horror films this one adds to the fun. Make no mistake. Despite Scream making fun of the genre, it's a serious affair for the most part. At the time I thought the film was quite brutal. After all these years I think the violence is quite tame especially compared to what Wes Craven used to make. Still Ghostface is unrelenting, ruthless and merciless. 

I also want to point out that Rose McGowan is quite phenomenal and a much better actress than Neve Campbell and should have been the lead. She really had the ability to act and look different each film she played in until we never heard of her again. And that had nothing to do with her talent or skills but more to do with the fact she got blacklisted by the scum that is Harvey Weinstein. She played a scream queen who was smart, intelligent and hot. Plus she had guts. She deserves better. 

Normally the fun factor is diminished once you find out who the killer is. However in this case that fun factor still exists since they way events are set up and how they are directed. Certainly one to watch if you are a horror fan!

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