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Review The Thing (1982): A John Carpenter classic!

genre: horror, mystery, science fiction, lovecraftian

By now I must have seen this film like ten times now and it still is strong as the first time I watched it. 

One of the reasons for this is the great buildup of tension and atmosphere. Even if you know what is coming because the way the events are setup you still will feel a certain anxiety concerning the characters. In large part it does help that everything takes part in a very seclude area. The group of people (scientists and other personnel are completely cut off from the real world. Nauls (played by T.K. Carter even jokes about how there could have been a nuclear attack and they are the sole survivors. Even if he doesn't believe it himself it very well could be true. However in my opinion they are in far more danger as they are exposed to something that is an attack on their sanity and humanity. I am aware that after all these years one should already be aware of what is transpiring in this film. Still you could be one of the people who has never seen this film so I will refrain myself from spoilers. But a very important element of the constant tension in the film is the paranoia factor. At one point none of the characters can trust each other. Even if you already know what is going to happen you can't help but feel that these people don't deserve the horrors they are forced to face. But just like the characters you will be suspicious of anyone who act strange or irrationally. 

Next to the psychological terror there is the body horror (a la lovecraft). After all these years it's still surprisingly effective. A prime example of practical effects being superior to CGI especially when viewed in 4K. I was very much horrified by how real everything looked. It's almost sad to realize that the effects in this film are infinitely superior to the ones used in most contemporary films. In any case The Thing is a film I can certainly recommend. Forget the existence of the so called prequel. That one doesn't even come close to what this classic achieves!

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