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Review Sound of Violence a.k.a. Conductor (2021): One of those that will divide horror fans!

genre: horror, thriller, slasher

Sound of Violence is one of those horror films that has a pretty creative idea but then fails to actually do something memorable with it. And I honestly don't understand why writer / director Alex Noyer chose the easy way out. Also warning, I am usually very careful when it comes to spoilers. But in this case it was hard for me not to go into the specifics. I don't think these will ruin the viewing experience. 

So right after I had watched this full feature film I was compelled to watch the short this was based on. And while it features the same important scene the tone is vastly different. You can watch it here underneath but I advise you to only do this after you have seen Sound of Violence otherwise you will ruin a key moment for yourself.



I have to admit though that this scene is incredibly effective in both productions. However I think in Sound of Violence it's easily more shocking since at that point you are still wondering what to think of the main character Alexis Reeves. She has gone through something truly horrific and traumatic but apparently has managed to come on top and have a normal life. Or at least that is what we are led to believe. Because then above scene happens and it's hard to garner any sympathy for her. Alexis was deaf but after going through the traumatic event she experienced sound in a such profound way that she could hear again and at the same time derived some extreme form of pleasure from it. One could argue that her shock is so immense her mind came up with an unique way to deal with this event. That being said it could also be a case of her always being mentally disturbed and this was the moment her true self was outed.

However this is where the film will divide the horror fans. Is this an ordinary slasher? Or is this a psychological thriller? Or both? Aren't there many other horror films who do the same? Why is this problematic in this one. Because there is no story or background to back up the psychological elements. There is a large gap between the opening scene and when we get introduced to Alexis as an adult. Once you realize this is nothing but a slasher the total experience becomes a little disappointing. 

I am sure most die hard fans won't have any problems with the blood and gore. But it's so blatant and completely fantastic that is becomes a little ridiculous. Especially when Alexis makes no attempt whatsoever to hide her actions. That is the most unbelievable of all. She conducts these experiments but then doesn't clean up after herself? Doesn't she realize that this way she will get caught and won't be able to experiment any further. The finale is truly mesmerizing. It's stupid and beautiful at the same time. It's here where Alexis has an epiphany. Except, it's too late. 

It's probably very easy to hate on this film. In hindsight I don't think this would be fair. I do think the film has many redeeming elements. Best of all is the acting. Both Jasmin Savoy Brown and Lilli Simmons do a real good job of selling you the events. I only wished that the scene at the end was set up differently. It seems rushed and less devastating as it could have been. I mean it's still all kinds of messed up however it could and should have been more dramatic. 

Overall a compelling watch but can't help but feel that there was more in this film. It could and should have been more profound. Or perhaps even a little darker as to amplify the notion that there is no such thing as shades of grey when it comes to being evil.

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