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Review Shock Wave 2 a.k.a. Chak daan juen ga 2 (2020): Explosive but bit far fetched!

genre: action, thriller, drama

Shock Wave 2 is the sequel to Shock Wave in name only. Andy Lau and some other actors return playing different characters. But like the original it's about members of EOD stopping and preventing bombs from exploding.

Only this time there is a twist to the events. I won't reveal it but it's pretty preposterous to be honest. But if that were the only flaw then that would have been something I could have overlooked. Another flaw is that some heavy duty manipulation is going on to such an extent that things become too unbelievable and far fetched. So much so that any credibility to our main character played by Andy Lau is destroyed. I mean we are supposed to root for him. And to a certain degree I could empathize with him. Except how can you really if you find out how far he was willing to go to spread his truth. If the goal was to explain that not all terrorists or criminals are evil then it's clear that this film failed to convey this message, Even though I did think Andy Lau's character did have some valid points concerning his reassignment we don't get to learn enough about any of the other characters to see where they stand. At least in the original all of the characters had some depth to them. Here it's pretty straightforward.

So yes plot wise this film is quite a mess. Thankfully the action and spectacle was top notch to be sure. Perhaps not as intense and gripping as in the original. The explosions however were immense and beautiful. I don't get the complaint about it looking fake. Sure it's grand and a bit fantastical. Still it looked real enough to have an impact on you. And the few scenes with gun play in them were satisfying enough. And while unbelievable it was a lot of fun to see a one legged Andy Lau outrun an elite police team with ease.

Certainly not as intense or strong as the original there was enough there for me to have enjoyed this flick. 

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