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Review Skyfire (2019): Highly flawed disaster film with enough thrills to keep you entertained!

genre: disaster, action, adventure, drama

Skyfire might have flown under the radar to most people. But honestly that's not the film's fault. It does quite a lot with the little they are given and even manages to keep it's runtime short. 

Normally it would work against a film without big names involved. I didn't recognize anyone but Xueqi Wang and Jason Isaacs. None of the characters are truly fleshed out which is understandable of course yet I did found myself rooting for them since none of them were jerks. Even if in case of Isaacs character he was largely to be blamed to have built a theme park on an island near an active volcano. I mean who would do such an irresponsible thing? Anyway Skyfire doesn't waste time to thrust you into events. And no matter how improbable when these events occur they seem real and fierce. I wasn't expecting to be thrilled especially with little to no buildup at all. But I was pretty much the whole duration. Except like the last 15 minutes or so the film lost steam. My guess is that they had a real tight budget and they couldn't always bring you the spectacle they were promising. 

However the spectacle that is present is pretty glorious. Many people actually get wounded and killed in quite imaginative ways. One could argue whether it's a bit cartoonish. Since I was rooting for the characters I took events seriously. I suggest you do the same since that will definitely increase your viewing experience. Even if the melodrama does feel forced at times.

This may sound strange. But I think this is the perfect film to be watched in this pandemic. It's therapeutic and entertaining. What more do you want?

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