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Review Police Story (4K Ultra HD Remastered Collection Blu-ray) a.k.a. Ging chaat goo si (1985): A Jackie Chan classic!

genre: action, comedy, crime

Before I start with the actual review I will say a few things about the quality of this Blu-ray. The 4K Ultra HD Remastered version on Blu-ray of Police Story 3: Supercop is amazing so in my enthusiasm I assumed this would be just as stunning. Unfortunately this is not the case. 

And to avoid confusion. These aren't 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. But the sources they are transferred from are 4K. Begs the question what prints those 4K are transferred from. Since apparently with the first Police Story the original source is questionable. Mind you the image is clear and crisp. The audio quality is good as well. But I am sure a true audiophile will have some issues with it. I do have an ear for quality sound. Only I choose not to get this in the way of my enjoyment. That being said the overall quality of image and sound is on par with most quality Blu-rays. However especially image wise I had hoped the colours would pop as much as in the Super Cop 3 version. So that it would give me that extra joy and viewing pleasure. Then again some distributors only can work with what they have been given. The fact that most Hong Kong films have been poorly preserved is a tragedy in itself. One can only praise the efforts for these distributors and publishers to bring you high quality transfers. 

Over time I might revisit this review and do a comparison between the DVD version and this Blu-ray. To see if it really matters that much. In my opinion it definitely does. 

So now the actual review

Police Story is a Jackie Chan classic. Is it a masterpiece? Yes. Does this mean it's perfect? No. It's very flawed. However it is one the first modern Hong Kong action film to combine good story telling with big budgeted spectacle. The action and stunt sequences truly are spectacular. But it might take some time to realize this. Jackie Chan probably was aware of this and thus the Jackie Chan blooper reel was born. It's in this reel where you get to see how dangerous the stunts were. Almost every actor got hurt in some way. Thing is had this been a Hollywood blockbuster film most likely the film would have had more explosions and other effects. And thus would have been experienced as a bigger movie. Still I think Jackie Chan has demonstrated to have vision with him opting for realism. The stunts and action sequences are intense, fun and lasting. It very much packs a punch in the same vein as it originally did.

The comedy bits aren't as strong and funny as in other works of Jackie Chan but there will be a lot of times where you will be laughing at the absurdity of it all. Somehow I remember more comedic antics but that could be because it has been a long time I viewed Police Story again. 

Definitely a must watch if love good action films. Rush Hour and every other American Jackie Chan film doesn't even come close to this. 

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