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Review Enter the Fat Dragon (1978) a.k.a. Fei Lung gwoh gong (1978): Sammo Hung is brilliant!

genre: martial arts, action, comedy

Enter the Fat Dragon is basically a parody and big tribute mixed in one where Sammo Hung is channeling Bruce Lee whenever he can. He is just itching to get into fights. Fortunately for him he is quite good in beating up people. But it constantly gets him into trouble.

I don't know whether it was intentional but if this was the case then actor and director Sammo Hung surely is brilliant. It is implied that had Sammo's character Lung stayed out of other people's businesses that everybody would be better off. The fact that he is convinced he is really helping out and beating up bad guys makes the predicaments he puts himself in quite hilarious. There is one scene where he helps out his cousin acting out revenge on a thug by supposedly destroying his car. But you probably guessed that this car doesn't belong to the thug. Nope. It belongs to the restaurant owner of the restaurant where he just was hired. 

But of course the villains are disgusting and despicable. Their motives might be questionable still they aren't to be underestimated since they basically take what they want and don't quit until they get it. Especially when it comes to women. It's a real joy to watch Sammo beat the crap out of them while mimicking Bruce visually and sound wise. The fights themselves are very well choreographed and are pretty spectacular. 

Overall another competently made film that honors the memory of Bruce Lee and the impact he had on the martial arts world. A must watch for sure!

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