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Review Bad Boys II (2003): Better than the original!

genre: action, crime, comedy

There was a time I had Bad Boys in high regard. And that I was sure it was superior to the sequel. After having it seen again after many years I think it's the other way around. 

Bad Boys II continues the adventures of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett where they have to face off many naughty criminals. As in the original the main draw of the film is the chemistry and dynamics between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But next to this the stylish action is a lot more memorable and the comedy a lot stronger. Martin Lawrence is funny as hell as probably Michael Bay realized that Lawrence unleashed is better than to have him restricted. Michael Bay himself also has broken the chains hence the immensely stylish and over the top action sequences. And even when at the time this most likely was considered to be insane it's far from the madness that he displayed in the Transformers franchise for example. It's almost that Michael Bay listened to the critics and made sure he would remain focused. There are not many distractions from the main plot except some tidbits that tie in to the main plot and how the main characters behave towards each other. Gabrielle Union as Syd is an example of this. She is Mike's love interest but also the sister of Marcus. Now I wouldn't have mind this becoming an important part of the film due to it's comedic potential. Still it would have derailed the film somewhat in a film that already feels like a tad too long for my taste. Perhaps that is because the main plot is a little thin and superficial.

Overall I was surprised to enjoy this film a whole lot better than the original especially since I used to be convinced that the original is superior. Bad Boys II definitely is better. For one thing it looks like a film that could have been made today. Apart from the music it doesn't feel dated one bit. Would I dare to call this a classic? Not yet but close.

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