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Review Bad Boys (1995): Decent action flick but has aged quite badly!

genre: action, crime, comedy

For quite a while Bad Boys has been a favourite of mine. Until recently. I watched it again and realized it has aged quite badly.

Not to say that it's super bad or anything. I think for a first time viewing it could still offer a decent watch. But for multiple viewings it is far too lacking. The action is stylish but predictable and the comedy is effective to some extent. The biggest draw obviously is the chemistry and dynamics between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Too bad that the screwball comedy sub plot is a very big distraction from the main plot. Now this could have worked had it actually explored the marital issues and the differences between Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Only it never does anything substantial with it. Teo Leoni's talent basically is wasted. She is a trooper most of the time but you can tell she was a little bored. 

Now there are a few action sequences that come close to being exhilarating. Only the way it's edited makes it hard to make out what is going on sometimes. Like with most Michael Bay films he uses a lot of slowmotion. However not always where it's needed. Like the shootouts for example. No, he uses slowmotion for dramatic effect when Smith and Lawrence are getting up at the end of an action sequence. It's cool and everything but kind of pointless.  

Overall Bad Boys can be enjoyable the first time you watch it but it's not a classic by any means.

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