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Review DeepStar Six (1989): Quite entertaining!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction, horror

When compared to Leviathan DeepStar Six gets branded as the lesser film. But I don't think that is entirely fair. I will explain why.

DeepStar Six is far more similar to The Abyss than for example Alien. Leviathan clearly was intended as an alien clone. The dangers and terror in DeepStar Six are more consequences of people reacting to the events instead of the events causing them. Snyder played by Miguel Ferrer is very much like Michael Biehn's character in the The Abyss. He is so much more dangerous than the creature. Ferrer is a little too unlikable and almost chimes in that he is going to cause trouble. The other characters are more reasonable and likable. But this is where the problem lies. These characters are far too bland or uninteresting compared to Snyder. It would have been nice if all of the characters had their own quirks and characteristics. That would have made things far less predictable. It's also not quite clear who the main character is. Perhaps this is done to make it seem that every character is disposable. 

In any case the strongest elements of DeepStar Six are atmosphere and tension created by the unknown. What exactly is reacting to the light? And why is it doing that? Are we going to survive this thing or what? I also have to say that despite the relatively low budget (for a Hollywood film) everything looks quite good. The models, the underwater scenes, the action sequences and the creature. Now, they do give an explanation for this creature. Or at least it's a theory Scarpelli played by Nia Peeples throws out there. It's not even that far fetched. However if you let your imagination run wilder you could also bring The Deep Ones (creatures in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft) into the mix. What if they were doing their own thing all the way on the bottom of the ocean and then they get disturbed by these crazy people who have no business being there in the first place! I have nothing substantial to back this theory up but what if I am right? It makes DeepStar Six a whole lot more compelling.

If you allow it DeepStar Six will offer more than you might expect. Perhaps it's not as creepy or scary as Leviathan. But what it lacks on that front it makes up in other elements. Definitely worth the watch!

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