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Revenge of the Ninja (1983): A martial arts classic!

genre: martial arts, action, crime

Revenge of the ninja is considered to be the second part in the Golan Globus Ninja Trilogy. Even when story wise there is no connection whatsoever. However the one who is featured in all of them is Sho Kosugi. And in this film he is at his best.

The difference between Revenge and Enter the Ninja is like night and day. Revenge is a far more serious film with very well choreographed action. Enter is everything but serious. In my review you can  read what I think about that. But in short it makes everything a laughable affair. Revenge of the Ninja on the other hand doesn't waste a moment to give us the goof stuff. Even his son Kane who was nine or ten at the time is engaged in serious combat and quite skilled at it. Another surprise is the grandma. She also has tricks up her sleeve. Although does make you wonder why Cho (Sho Kosugi) hadn't trained his wife or at least be prepared for the worst. Perhaps she wanted to see if she still could save some family members. 

In any case if you liked the opening sequence you are going to love the rest since every action sequence improves with every scene. Mind you it does take a while for Cho to put on his black suit but that doesn't matter because most of the cool ninja stuff comes from Braden or should I say his double. Don't fret all the action is choreographed by Kosugi. One of the main reasons why this fulm is so good. The other is the direction by Sam Firstenberg. He knows how to take the ninja stuff seriously and make it magical and cool at the same time. Like he did with American Ninja and American Ninja 2.

Now this doesn't mean there aren't flaws. I mean the story of course is a simple as it can get. But there are some odd elements like the inclusion of Ashley Ferrare as Cathy. She is trying to seduce Cho but he still very much grief stricken and not ready to engage remains polite and doesn't touch her. In one scene where Cho is teaching his son Cathy comes in only wearing a red shirt and a pantyhose. This pantyhose is very revealing. Is that even appropriate for a woman to wear with a nine year old present? But there is a very good explanation for that. Actually one you won't see coming. Let's say it's a small creative twist. 

Overall this is one of the best in the genre. Sho Kosugi is at his best and brings us the delicious ninja goodness we are craving. 

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