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Review Dark Angel a.k.a. I Come in Peace (1990): Buddy cop film with a twist!

genre: action, crime, science fiction

An alien drug dealer comes to Earth to collect the endorfines from people. With these endorfines he makes a special drug that seems to be huge in outer space. He would have been able to carry on if it weren't for Det. Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) and Special Agent Arwood 'Larry' Smith (Brian Benben) who do whatever they can to stop him.

If you are overly critical there is a lot to bitch and moan about. But if you are an action aficionado and are willing to give this film a chance it will be quite rewarding. It basically is a buddy cop film with a twist. The twist being having to deal with an alien drug dealer who has very neat toys. One of them is a disc that once shot will keep on going until it gets stuck or turned of. This disc basically looks like an ordinary CD. Back when I first saw this film it was something I hadn't seen or used that much before. Although in that year or perhaps one year after I had purchased my first ever stereo system with cd player. One of the best inventions ever if you ask me. In any case it's a cool weapon. Matthias Hues is cast as this alien and he really looks like one. He doesn't speak much but when he utters the words ' I come in peace " you know something really bad is going to happen.

Of course Dark Angel can't escape the cliches however in my opinion does enough to make it compelling. The science element I just discussed. But there is also a lot of laugh provided. Brian Benben might be the last one you would expect to play a cop but his comedic timing makes him a very worthy addition. Plus he seems to have some good chemistry with Dolph making Lundgren even more believable as a hard boiled but sophisticated cop. I mean he drinks wine instead of scotch or beer. Let that sink in people.

Overall Dark Angel will guarantee  a fun viewing experience throughout. So do watch it when you get the chance!

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