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Review The Curse of La Llorona (2019): Adequate entry in The Conjuring framchise!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

A famous tale from Mexican folklore part of The Conjuring franchise? How? But more importantly why? Despite what you think or feel. It is quite bold for these producers to do so. I mean to take these stories and have them connect somehow is very ambitious. Even if technically all they did was tie these tales in the most basic way ever. Then there is the tone. All of the films in the franchise are very similar in tone and atmosphere. This could be seen as something good. But it could also be seen as something bad since at one point you do want to see something fresh and new or am I mistaken?

Well, I myself I am not quite sure. Of course I want all the films to be surprising and unique. However that is an impossible task. Therefore usually I lower my expectations and will settle for the entertainment value. And no matter how flawed these films are they are quite effective and entertaining. I am not saying they are all strong and good but they certainly are better than most recent horror films.

The Curse of La Llorona is one of them. Granted there are some scenes that don't always work as intended and perhaps even could be conceived as comical. However through the acting and the sincerity of the people involved you are made to care and be invested in the events. In this case who wouldn't be frightened for kids to be taken away and killed by this weeping woman? In this film she is quite active and present. A bit too much if you ask me. Like often in horror films less is more. Here you get to see the weeping woman in all her glory pretty fast  and numerous times. Then again there are some scenes where the suspense and tension get the upper hand. That and the tragedy of the myth which keeps being repeated and repeated causing more damage and pain.

Honestly I wasn't expecting much but was surprised to see I actually enjoyed myself more than I was disliking it. Even if it feels very similar to all the other films in the franchise.

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