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Review Madam City Hunter a.k.a. Cheng shi nu lie ren (1993): Mostly comedy with some excellent action in it!

genre: girls with guns, comedy, action, crime

You probably won't be surprised but this film has nothing to do with City Hunter. If by any chance you were hoping for the same comedy antics then you are going to be disappointed. Why? Let me explain.

While it has been a while ago and I do have to re watch City Hunter for a second time I do know that I appreciated the comedy a whole lot more than what it's featured here. It was the slapstick kind and only here and there politically incorrect. Madam City Hunter is completely insane. The best way to describe it that it's a porn without the sex just the innuendo. But so far out there that even porn actors would be disgusted. I bet you want to now know what I am talking about. One example is the scene where lead Yang Ching (Cynthia Khan) barges in the hideout of teens she had dealings with before. She knows very well how bad they are and yet isn't really worried. Big mistake! A girl hits her on the head with a board and Yang is knocked out cold. The girls then orders the guys in the gang to rape her. Fortunately for Yang the boy is too high to do anything. How this could be considered funny is beyond me. But that the people involved in this film think a woman would call out for another woman to be raped is incredulous. Not saying that this never happened before in real life. Although it does seem quite rare. Then there is the relationship between Yang and her father. They are a little too close if you ask me. She cares very little for her father's privacy. She doesn't even apologize to her stepmother for interrupting their romantic and sexual interactions. I know, it's intended to be funny. Except it's not funny in the slightest. Granted at one point they motivate her concern and then I must admit some hilarity does ensue. Only it takes up too much time. 

The film starts with a solid action scene and ends with one. Let's say a total of 10 minutes and that is me being generous. Which leaves a whole hour and 17 minutes for supposed comedy and drama. Mind you the performances from some actors like Anthony Wong and Kara Hui are outstanding and do their best to make events tolerable. There is nothing wrong with the action since it's excellent. Producer Yuen Woo-ping apparently also did some of the choreography and it shows. However the non action events that take up most of the time just is not what I signed up for. Especially since the comedy is pretty crude and unfunny. I also was surprised to see how little Cynthia Khan was allowed to do. I could watch her kick ass 24/7 even if some of her acrobatics and stunts are done by stuntmen. The film would have improved considerably. 

Overall Madam City Hunter is not that bad only it doesn't deliver on what most would tune in for. The action. Ten minutes of a ninety minute film is just not enough. Not one I can recommend.   

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