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Review Final Justice a.k.a. Pik lik sin fung (1988): Decent but nothing special!

genre: crime, action

In my search for heroic bloodshed gems Wikipedia also had listed Final Justice as a title that could be considered heroic bloodshed. Now most titles on this list do contain some elements of the genre in some form but if you expect them to be similar or even come close to classic John Woo then you will be severely disappointed. Unfortunately Final Justice is one of the disappointing ones.

Not that it's a bad film. On the contrary, it's a decent film. But there is almost nothing about this film that stands out apart from the dynamics between Danny Lee and Stephen Chow. Surprise surprise Danny Lee plays a hardboiled cop with a heart of gold. And Stephen Chow plays a low level thug ( car thief) who wants to join this ruthless gang of hardened criminals. Until he finds out what they really about and is accused of the crimes they committed. Danny Lee knows he is innocent and tries his best to help the kid out of his predicament. But he gets obstructed by his chief who is more about protocol and hierarchy than actually catching the real bad guys. Trust me you will instantly dislike Inspector Lo played by Ricky Yi. 

There are some action scenes. But they are over before you know it. Highly stylized for sure but without real impact. And especially disappointing if you expected kinetic and adrenaline pumping action. So what about the comedy. Stephen Chow is in it so there is bound to be some comedy right? Wrong. This is early Stephen Chow who started out as a serious dramatic actor. To be fair he is quite good as the naive kid. You certainly feel for him. The chemistry between him and Danny Lee is great. Almost that of father and son relationship. I had no idea that Danny Lee was considered Stephen Chow's mentor. If there is any truth to this then they should have made more films together than they actually did. Because it is the both of them together that makes Final Justice worth your time.

Overall a decent title because of Danny Lee and Stephen Chow but nothing special.

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