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Brief thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls (PS4)

genre: adventure, interactive drama

Beyond: Two Souls is what you call an interactive drama. This interactivity consists of very limited control of movement, touching items and quick time events. After having played it for a few hours I am not sure if I want to play it any more.

For one thing the story is incredibly weak. Granted it could very well be there is more to the story later on. However in this case it doesn't matter much since it failed to grab me. Quantic Dream did much better with their previous games like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Those were flawed as well but they had incredible effective and compelling stories that made you want to see how they would end. With this one I simply don't care. I recognize and appreciate some of the dramatic elements but the lack of control or influence on those is a very frustrating affair. You aren't given the option to redo an action to see what else is offered. At least not in game. I believe you are given the option to replay chapters to make different "choices" and thus earn different trophies. But honestly I can't see myself doing that since I am already quite bored. They could have remedied this by giving more control to Jodie and Aiden. 

I have to admit that there is something about how the game tries to evoke sympathy for Jodie and what she has to deal with from as long as she can remember. Is Aiden her protector? Or just an evil entity wanting to stick around as long as possible? Normally I would be fascinated and intrigued to find out. However now I simply don't care since I haven't seen a real pay off for being invested. There are too many times where events escalate so quickly and dramatically after barely having done something significant. And you don't really have an option to avoid that outcome. It completely breaks the enjoyment for me. 

Beyond: Two Souls is very boring and I am so glad that I did not decide to purchase a copy. In that regard PSN NOW is a real blessing. This way you can play games without feeling cheated or robbed. Yes, I caved to try out this service. And so far, it has really saved me some Euro's. 

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