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Halloween Horror Movie Marathon 2018: Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, The Night Eats The World, Still/Born and Ghost Stories

Halloween was here and like many it was time for my yearly tradition to hold a horror movie marathon. There were many titles to choose from but mostly I chose ones that were recommended by other sites. I think I chose well except for one title. Mrs. P. only watched three of the four. And from those three she only liked two of them. This one title BTW I don't agree with at all. I dug it from start to finish. 

And this title was the first we saw:

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

It's a South Korean found footage film where a group of paranormal investigators decide to go visit one of the 7 most scariest or freakiest places in the world in order to get a million views for their streaming channel. Naturally this is a very good idea and we feel very sorry for these characters....

In all honesty for once I didn't dislike the characters. Even when it seemed that most of them didn't take the ghost hunting as serious as they should. They did grown on me even after their questionable attitude towards their venture. Very rarely did they pause or stop to ask themselves whether they should go through with it or not. Now, the film does a real good job of misdirecting you. Showing you places and events that lead to nothing special. I think most people (including Mrs. P.) had problems with this since it never lead to the investment into the events and the characters. However I believe that this was deliberately done to give maximum effect to the horror that eventually does come. And believe me all the lack of thrills and suspense is made up twenty times over since the intensity and creepiness is cranked up enormously. So much so that it never lets up once it starts.

Granted this thrill ride of scares and horror is what makes Gonjiam good. However it never gives us the answers to the questions raised. Here was a real good chance to go deeper into the mythology of the haunted asylum and they didn't even bother. The real reason why the asylum was closed is super mundane but that doesn't matter. They could have come up with something so sinister and dark so that it would be more than just thrills and scares. While hints of dread they could and should have increased that tenfold. The actress portraying the director of the asylum already managed to gave me chills just because of the way she looked. I was very willing to believe that this lady who is portrayed as someone caring was quite the opposite. The film gives you enough clues for you to come to that conclusion. I would have liked to see more on this person.

Still, I totally enjoyed this film since I was fully invested from the start. And therefore I was completely embracing the horror goodness that was leashed upon us. One I can recommend for sure.

 Immediately after this we decided to watch:

The Night Eats The World (2018)

It definitely is a little different from the usual zombie flicks. But to state that it was the most innovative? Hardly. However it did choose to portray a character who was very pragmatic and practical. A character who I was rooting for all the way even when at times he did make some mistakes. The whole approach to zombies is different as it's less focused on violence and gore but more how to go on after an apocalyptic event. But don't let this fool you. The zombies are no joke. They are fast and are almost silent. They don't moan and groan. Normally I get bored easily when the focus is on one man and his activities. In this case I was compelled throughout. So another one I can recommend.

Then it was time to watch:

Still/Born 2017

Still/Born is a more conventional horror story however one where they still managed to keep things fresh. I really have to give it to the mostly unknown actors to take the material seriously. Especially Christie Burke and Jesse Moss make events believable. Even when there are certain moments that are too convenient and illogical. But that is to be expected in horror films. So as long as it keeps things exciting you won't hear me complain about them. One of the best elements of this horror film is that it constantly makes you doubt of what is going on. It seems to be steering into one direction then to go into a completely different one. Unfortunately there is one flaw that is almost unforgivable. The under use of Michael Ironside. Why have him in the film if you aren't going to give him something worth wile to do. 

Despite this huge flaw Still/Born does deliver overall against my expectations which is always good. 

Last on the list is:

Ghost Stories (2018)

I don't know why exactly. But I had high hopes for this anthology film.  Perhaps because it was an anthology film and that usually horror shorts are stronger and better because they have to get to the point quicker. 

Unfortunately Ghost Stories is a total bore. It's never creepy or scary. And it is completely predictable. Well, maybe not for the twist at the end. But it's one that won't impress. Because it's one you would never be able to deduce. The film never gives you clues to it. How is that even fun? I like it when a film blatantly tells you what it's about and then to misdirect you to the extent that makes things seem very plausible but still will have you question how it got past you. It could very well be that there are some clues given. Only I was never made to care. 

Very disappointing. One to avoid!

Overal this horror movie marathon was a succes. I had fun and was even up for more. Then the sun arose and I realized it was way past my bed time. 

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