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Review Constantine: City of Demons (2018): Definitely a step up from live action Constantine in every way!

genre: comic book adaptation, animation, action, super hero

Constantine: City of Demons is the animated movie based on the web series. And this might explain why so much is going on. It's almost a rollercoaster ride of action, horror and drama. Definitely not suited for kids. I am not familiar with the comics. But this does look like it's most faithful adaptation yet.

Matt Ryan reprises his role (voice) and he clearly is loving it. Real shame that he never got the chance to make something more out of his own show. Perhaps CW is testing the waters and see if there is an audience for a live action Constantine. Still in animated form they can do things they wouldn't be able to do with live action. As long as Matt Ryan gets to develop the character I am down with it. He makes all the darkness bearable. City of Demons is filled with disturbing and disgusting elements. I swear, they were seconds away from Japanese tentacle porn. To sort of give you an idea what will be displayed on your screen. Yes it's that dark. But it fits the character. It also makes you understand him a little better. His perspective on the world is vastly different than that of your average Joe. Let's just say that ignorance is bliss.

Constantine cracks jokes but is serious and relentless when needed. This probably is the reason why he prefers to work alone. Not that he has much of a choice. The life he leads is not everyone. He is surrounded by dark magic and demons. Friendly or foe. His biggest strength though is to trick and deceive even the most powerful of creatures. Whether people like it or not that is what makes him so effective. However there is always a price to pay and most of the people who call in John usually aren't prepared for that and it's what causes rifts between them. Between you and me. I am glad that someone like Constantine exists. You need someone who goes all the way and fights dirty. 

In this animated film you will get introduced to quite a few characters. And it might be a little overwhelming. Then it dawned on me that this might exactly be the point. So many demons who want to reign the world and consume people. Who stands in their way? Exactly. If you weren't aware before then this film will point out to you why John Constantine is one of the coolest heroes around. 

City of Demons was a very pleasant surprise for me since I wasn't expecting to hit me like it did. And I hope that this will lead to more animated shows where comic book characters are shown they way they should. 

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