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Movie Marathon Weekend / Saturday 7 july 2018: Rampage (2018), Sherlock Gnomes (2018) and El Bar (2017)

After some well deserved rest and sleep it was time to continue the marathon. While some of our choices yesterday had turned out to be a little disappointing I wouldn't say that they had ruined the viewing experience. I would have watched them anyway sooner or later and then it's better to watch them in company so you can joke around a little. From time to time that is needed as well. 

So we kicked off this marathon with The Rock in:

Rampage (2018)

Rampage is the live action adaptation of an old school video game. Not sure if it's a good one or not, never played it. So I am not really familiar with it. But for some reason I expected this to be a hilarious and comedic  adventure. This was not the case. Instead it was a pretty serious action adventure where The Rock was trying real hard to save people and every other living being worth saving. And it actually makes everything have impact even when the majority of the events are downright ridiculous. But somehow Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the cast make everything credible. Now Rampage is pretty predictable still apart from a few slow moments it never felt average or boring. I was entertained throughout. All and all a very good start.

Then we watched:

 Sherlock Gnomes (2018) 

I remember watching and liking the original but to be honest it has been too long ago why I exactly liked it. If I had to guess I probably liked the humour and the tone. Sherlock Gnomes continues the story of the garden gnomes where this time gnomes are being taken and Sherlock Gnomes, the sworn protector of gnome, tries to put a stop to it and figure out who is behind it all. Mind you this mystery element is a predictable affair for adults but who knows the kids might not see things coming. But I do have to state that I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this animated film was. It moves in an incredible fast pace, the voice acting is top notch and it's action packed. It is therefore that I am a little puzzled that general consensus is less favourable on this film. I think some people have forgotten what it's like to be young and embrace their inner child.  Certainly worth your time.

I then decided to pick a film that wasn't on the list since I felt like a genuine thriller. I chose: 

El Bar (2017) 

El Bar is one of those films that takes you on a ride so fast and intense that you very willingly want to overlook certain flaws in the set up and narrative. Now I was hoping for this film to have one killer twist that would explain it all. But no such thing. However the outcome of this film is not as important as the journey that leads you to it. I can promise you that you will be shouting at the scream for how some characters act. Yet you will understand to a point where they are coming from since they basically are a representation of the average man and woman. El Bar certainly was worth it especially if you are into Spanish thrillers. 

Overall the movie marathon weekend was a succes even if we originally planned to watch a whole lot more. Maybe in future we can do so. For now this will have to do.

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