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Review Mimic: The Director's Cut (1997): Atmospheric horror done right!

genre: horror, science fiction

After all these years Mimic still holds up pretty nicely. It's not perfect by any means but I was surprised how much I was enjoying since almost every moment was tense and filled with dread.

Before we get into things this won't be a comparison to the original cut. I have seen this in the cinema at the time it was released and now decided to watch the director's cut on Blu Ray. It's been twenty years that I have seen the original and apart from a few elements I didn't remember much. In this case that has been a blessing since I can judge it a little more objectively. 

I am not going to spoil the plot or discuss the characters. The least you know the best the viewing experience will be. Ok. Maybe one character that really got on my nerves. Chuy. Seems to me he is supposed to be autistic and can't help being the way he is and acts. But is he as innocent as the other characters think he is? I am not entirely convinced of that. 

The build up of suspense, tension and dread is superb. A lot of what transpires has a very ominous feel about it since most of the events are very dark and gloomy. The majority of the characters don't concern themselves of what could have been. But it's implied that a certain outbreak could have had epic and apocalyptic proportions. That the solution to this disaster is part of the new wave of dangers and doom occurring in this film is one of those ironic truths you can't escape. Director Guillermo del Toro wants to teach us a lesson or at least warns us of the dangers of certain scientific measures. It's seems to be a recurring theme in Blade II as well. Nature has ways to fight back through evolution. One should very carefully assess and consider what the ramifications and consequences can be if you try to play God. When you ignore these you will find yourself in a world of trouble. Since the outcome is often terrifying.

I think Mimic is more than a monster or creature flick. It's far more clever and intelligent than given credit for. And most of this is due to studio interference. Currently Guillermo del Toro can do no wrong but times were different twenty years ago. Despite you owe it to yourself to watch this director's cut since it is phenomenal.

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