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Review McBain (1991): For a serious action film it's freaking hilarious!

genre: action, war, drama

McBain starts with a scene where it's announced to a group of soldiers that the war is over and that they can go home. The way they react to this news is like they had been on a pleasant vacation all this time. On the way home a lost Vietcong soldier shoots a rocket at their helicopter which they managed to avoid again they respond like it's the most normal thing ever. Then they spot a prison camp and feel compelled to free the prisoners. Among them is McBain played by Christopher Walken. After winning a fight assuming his opponent is fully defeated he turns his back to which the opponent comes at him. Santos then shoots the guy. McBain full of gratitude says he owes him and then Santos tears a one hundred dollar bill in two and gives him a piece. He then states if the other piece will find him he is expected to pay him back. Many years later something does happen to McBain and then is called upon to finish what Santos started.

Apart from the casual reactions from some of these soldiers including Michael Ironside and Steve James the film seemed like it was going to be a very serious affair. And I think it truly was intended to be yet there are so many elements in this film that are simply too comical to be taken seriously. Maria Conchita Alonso as Christina Santos (sister of Roberto Santos) takes over as leader of the Colombian rebellion. For her this fight is as real as they come and often too tragic for words. So much so that she can't hold back the tears every time things get real which is often. Her performance is genuine and sincere and would surely have a place in a true dramatic war film made by Oliver Stone. In this James Glickenhaus film it will only make you laugh. 

The sheer violence and brutality displayed in this film is phenomenal. Completely over the top and insane to be honest. The kind I like BTW. Deep down you know you are supposed to be impacted by it all and sometimes it does. But at the same time I could not hold back my laughter because of the ridiculous laid back tone that hangs over the film. There is a scene where McBain and co are being chased by a fighter jet. When the jet flies next to them and orders them to follow him McBain pulls out his gun and then shoots the pilot with result the jet goes down. This random and unexpected act made me laugh so hard you wouldn't believe. Mind you the way the scene was set up made it seem this was going to be an intense and suspenseful event. Therefore making it even more hilarious. Just thinking about this scene cracks me up. McBain has quite a few scenes like these where you know you are supposed to feel and empathize with the characters but at the same time can't help but laugh. 

Another strange element is the fact that most of the film is shot in the Philippines. It's not uncommon for films to do this so no foul so far. Except they also used Philippine actors and extras to portray Colombian people. A lot of them looked pretty Asian and couldn't pass for Colombian no matter what you say. Perhaps a case could have been made if the El Presidente also was portrayed by a Philippine actor. But no then Glickenhaus decided to use a Puerto Rican actor (Victor Argo) for that role. It's inconsistencies like these that turn everything into one big comedy. I know I said that it probably was unintentional. Just judging it from how scenes were set up you can tell that you do need to take them seriously. Then again the characters in this film do crack a lot of jokes at the most inappropriate times and since Glickenhaus also wrote the script there is a slight possibility he intended this to be a black comedy or something yet only forgot to tell his cast. 

Who am I kidding? This was meant to be taken seriously but will make you laugh instead. But don't let this distract you from the fact that the action is stellar and exciting. You won't believe how spectaculair it is. A must watch!

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