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Review Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005): An incredible dramatic and epic conclusion to the prequel trilogy!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

Revenge of the Sith starts with business as usual where comrades and brothers Obi-Wan and Anakin fight the last threat to the republic. However underneath the surface a whole lot of darkness is brooding and growing to jeopardize everything good.

Anakin is struggling since he is heavily manipulated and plagued by visions of Padmé's death. The thought of losing her drives him insane. Palpatine is very aware of his fear and convinces him that there is a way to save Padme if he is willing to side with him. Anakin does sense that his feelings and fears aren't right but he is too blinded to see what really is going on and has clouded his judgement completely. I really think Hayden Christensen did a good job of showing this struggle. But George Lucas also demonstrates that had the Jedi Council be more forthcoming and trusting of Anakin he might not have felt so lost. Still that doesn't excuse Anakin from the evil deeds he has committed shortly after he chose to side with Palpatine.

The birth of Darth Vader is a very dark and emotional journey because we all know it's inevitable but we don't want it to happen. Especially since it goes together with the destruction of the Jedi's, democracy and freedom. The way it happens is devastating and heartbreaking. Betrayal of this magnitude will get to you. If it doesn't then you simply aren't human. George Lucas very successfully conveyed feelings of hopelessness and loss. This is how democracies turn into totalitarian regimes. Padmé rightfully remarks that people very happily gave up on their liberty. Because most are blinded and can't see the real danger. Anakin is so far gone that he has become the thing he was supposed to vanquish. Seeing him transform into the iconic Darth Vader is nothing short of impressive. 

George Lucas went all out in this conclusion of the prequel trilogy. It's dramatic, action packed and thought provoking. It definitely is the best of the prequels and arguably on par with the original trilogy. While the prequels may have been flawed they excelled in world building, character development and creativity. Far superior to any of the Disney produced Star Wars films. 

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